EV Trip Planner: 3 Destinations for an Eco-Conscious New England Road Trip

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A particularly enjoyable itinerary? A scenic, foliage-forward New England road trip. So, download an app designed for electric vehicles, grab your most Instagrammable outfits, and let’s go explore some of the most scenic expanses the U.S. has to offer.

1. Enjoy the Coastal Charm of CapeCod, Massachusetts

From scenic lighthouses to fresh seafood, CapeCod is the perfect stop for your road trip through New England. It is one of the quintessential towns of the northeastern United States, and both individuals and families can find something to do in this charming coastal city. 

What To Do in Cape Cod

Explore Provincetown at the tip of Cape Cod.Here, you can take your pick of attractions. Consider spending a few hours onCommercial Street, a 3-mile stretch filled with gift shops, bakeries, and boutiques. Eat your fill of oysters or Portuguese cuisine (Provincetown is home to a large Portuguese community). And consider stopping by the Pilgrim Museum, which offers the world’s only exhibition that centers the viewpoints of the Wampanoag Indigenous People in the telling of the pilgrim’s arrival.

Looking for a more scenic experience? No problem. Drive along Route 6A. Also known as Old King’s Highway, this route follows the original highway laid out in the 17th century and is dripping with picturesque charm. You’ll experience quaint New England villages, historic landmarks, and stunning coastal views along the way.

If you finish your time in Cape Cod and decide to continue your journey, you’ll find other nearby destinations to explore, like Boston or Salem.

Where to Charge Your Vehicle:

Right off of Commercial Street, you’ll find aTesla Destination Charger (3 Tesla chargers, open 24 hours) or a ChargePoint Charging Station (J1772 chargers, open 24 hours, located in CVS Pharmacy).Charge before you start wandering the shops and eateries.

Did you know there are proven ways to extend your EV’s battery life? Study up before you hit the road.

Eco-Friendly EV Trip Planner Tip: Eat Local

Consider exploring local restaurants that focus on farm-to-table dining. These establishments support regional farmers and reduce “food miles,” which is how far food products have to be transported to make it to the consumer. Reducing food miles reduces pollution. It is oneway we can make nutrition choices that benefit the health of the planet. 

A unique option in Provincetown is ChathamBars Inn. They offer a 4-course, family-style dinner on their farm, surrounded by the fruits and vegetables you’re being served. If you aren’t there on one of the days they’re hosting one of these magical dinners, you can still add them to your itinerary – their on-property restaurants are also supplied by their farm.

2. Take in Nature and Culture in Vermont

It wouldn’t be a guide to New England roadtrips without stops in Vermont, one of the most beautiful parts of the UnitedStates during autumn. “The Green Mountain State,” as Vermont is nicknamed, is best for those looking for scenery, fall foliage, and culture.

What to Do in Vermont

Drive through the scenic Green Mountains ofVermont, taking the famous Scenic Route 100 Byway (also known as “Skiers Highway”). Running north to south, this stunning, 216-mile drive will take you through most of the state, passing 33 charming New England towns along the way and following the border of the Green Mountain National Forest. You’ll find the southern end of the route in Heartwellville and the north end in Troy. Drive straight through, enjoying about five hours of breathtaking beauty, or stop in any of the storybook towns along the way to explore. Need specific recommendations? We’ve got you. Stop at the famous Ben & Jerry’s Ice CreamFactory for a tour and a taste of ice cream or at Cold Hollow Cider Mill. InStockbridge, Vermont, pop into The Wild Fern, a vegan-friendly cafe. 

Route 100 will let you see plenty of Vermont, and you have lots of options for places to stop along the way. Settle in for a few days to really get your fill of the majesty.

Where to Charge Your Vehicle

On a route this long, your best charging options will vary, but you will find them all along Route 100. Use You.Car’s app to find the best fit for your needs at the time.

Eco-Friendly EV Trip Planner Tip: Stay Green

Stay at a green hotel or bed and breakfast, like The Inn on Putney Road (they were certified as one of the first Green Hotels in Vermont!). Look for accommodations that incorporate energy-efficient practices and encourage guests to reduce their environmental footprint.

3. Discover the Natural Wonder of Acadia National Park in Maine

For our more outdoorsy adventurers, AcadiaNational Park in Main makes the list for your electric vehicle road trip.You’ll find rugged coastline, lush forests, and tree-topped peaks in this beautiful park. Indulge in your passion for the outdoors with hiking, biking, and more.

What to Do in Acadia National Park

If exploring is your thing, then hike or bike along the scenic trails of the park. Consider the Jordan Pond Path or theCadillac Mountain Summit Loop to get you started. The park sits on 50,000 acres of the Atlantic Coastline, so you can fill in an entire weekend here if that sounds appealing. Be sure to visit all three main regions of the park: MountDesert Island (this is where you will find more people, lots of outdoor adventuring activities, and plenty of hiking trails), Schoodic Peninsula (this is your destination if you want a more rugged view of the park, and you’ll need to reach it by either car or ferry), and Isle au Haut (you’ll need a whole day for this section, and it’s only accessible by ferry). 

After that, take a leisurely drive along ParkLoop Road – a 27-mile stretch that’s become a go-to for the scenic exploration of Maine. Find stunning coastal vistas and rocky landscapes, including Sand Beach and Thunder Hole.

Where to Charge Your Vehicle

You won’t find charging opportunities in the park, but you can utilize the many EV charging stations available in Bar Harbor, a gateway town to AcadiaNational Park.

If you come across a public EV charger that’s broken, here’s what to do. 

Eco-Friendly EV Trip Planner Tip: Leave No Trace

In any park, you’ll want to follow the “leave no trace” rule. This means staying on designated trails, properly disposing of any waste, and making choices that keep nature exactly how you found it when you depart.

Extra Tips for a Sustainable Electric Vehicle Road Trip through New England

No matter which of these destinations you choose, there are lots of ways to make sustainable, eco-friendly choices along the way. Here are a few more ways to be kind to the environment while you’re on a road trip:

  • Opt for Renewable Energy: Whenever possible, choose EV chargers powered by renewable energy sources such as solar or wind.
  • Reduce Waste: Pack reusable items like water bottles, utensils, and shopping bags to minimize single-use plastic waste.
  • Support Local and SustainableDining: Dine at restaurants that prioritize locally sourced, organic, and sustainable ingredients.
  • Practice Responsible Tourism: Respect natural habitats and cultural sites, and follow guidelines for responsible tourism and conservation.
  • Offset Carbon Emissions: Consider purchasing carbon offsets to balance out the emissions produced during your road trip.
  • Choose Sustainable Souvenirs: Support local artisans and craftsmen by shopping for souvenirs made from sustainable materials.

A New England road trip in your electric vehicle is absolutely possible. Take in the big and small towns in this stunning region of the country, all while making choices that protect theEarth. To help you along the way, download You.Car, the ultimate app for EV drivers – we’ll help you navigate and find charging stations, with the added benefit of community reviews and amenity filtering. You’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner!

Thinking about a road trip through NewEngland… but worried whether an electric vehicle road trip is the right move?Are you one of the many EV drivers who feels confined by their vehicle’s range?If you suffer from range anxiety, worried that the charging network in the United States can’t support long distance road trips, especially through small town America, keep reading. We hear you. With proper planning, almost any electric vehicle can take to the road.

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