How to Streamline Rider Pickup

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First impressions make or break any interaction, and rideshare relationships are no different. Taking steps to streamline rider pickups not only makes your life easier as a driver, but it also starts your journey off on the right foot for your rider, which may boost your tip and/or your rating. There are several things you can do to make both the pickup and the ride smooth, like knowing the city and the surrounding areas, remaining aware of ongoing local construction, and understanding which parts of town are traffic-heavy during commute times. Beyond that, there are specific actions you should take at each stage of the passenger pick-up process to streamline rider pickups. Let’s look at a few of them.

When Choosing Rides

Generally speaking, we recommend you accept the rides that are assigned to you. However, if you’re in a highly populated area and have the freedom to decline a ride that’s too far away, consider what radius matches the type of day you want to have. Would you prefer to pick up riders who are within five minutes of your current location? Even if it’s not your fault, riders will associate long pick-up times with you. Choosing passengers who are close to you (thus decreasing the time it takes for you to pick them up) could help you increase your tips.

Along that same line of thinking: do you prefer short rides or long rides? There is a strategy to both of these. If you opt for lots of short rides, you’ll serve more passengers during your online hours; that increases the opportunities you have to earn gratuities, which you can then send directly to your loan company to reduce your monthly car payment if you so choose. Of course, with shorter rides, those tips will likely be smaller than what you might earn for longer distances – which is where a long-ride strategy comes into play. In this case, the ride cost is higher so, if your passenger tips on a percentage, the gratuity is naturally higher. However, you run the risk of spending 40+ minutes with a single passenger and not being tipped. Either way, with You.Car, you can always see an estimated ride rate, so you’ll know the minimum you’ll make for accepting that ride (not to mention the good you’re contributing to the world by participating in an EV rideshare program!).

When Driving to the Pick-Up Location

Immediately check to make sure that your map matches the pick-up point listed on the app interface, particularly if you’re using a navigation system separate from the rideshare app. For example, if your pick-up location is an apartment complex, and you’ve typed Prevail Apartment Complex into your app, you may be directed to the leasing office while your passenger is waiting for you at the parking garage entrance.

Before taking off, review your route. While it’s best to rely on your GPS most times because it accesses a birdseye view and real-time data about traffic conditions, remember that technology isn’t infallible. If it’s directing you to take a road that you saw was shut down just a few hours ago for a massive construction project, consider taking an alternate route.

When Arriving at the Pick-Up Location

If your passenger is not waiting for you at the curb when you arrive, then communication is key to streamline rider pickup. Once you’re safely parked away from moving traffic, message your passenger to confirm your arrival and your location with a landmark. Again, apartment complexes or office buildings can be tricky because your navigation system will likely lead you to the front door (but there could be a number of entrances). A quick message will do wonders to keep things running smoothly: “Hello! I have arrived. I am parked across from the entrance to the leasing office, and I can see Smoothie King from where I’m sitting.”

Once your rider makes their appearance, do your best to pick them up on their side of the street. This is best for safety, ease, and a seamless experience. If your city has protocols in place that outline which side of the street has even numbers and which side has odd numbers, you can use that knowledge to park on the right side of the street before your passenger even walks outside. That’s another benefit of knowing your city well before starting to pick up passengers.

The entire experience from start to finish is important to leave your passenger with a good impression, but how you conduct the pickup will decide whether or not you’re starting it off on the right foot. Make the right choices before you accept the ride, on your way to the pick-up location, and as your rider is headed to your vehicle, and you’ll be in good shape.

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